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clay soils
clay soils clay tiles ceramic tiles ceramic kilns clay oven arabe tile

Ceramics and Pottery Jesus Jimenez is a company dedicated to the production of handmade clay materials for construction, following a traditional process that has been passed from generation to generation and today retains its full essence.

manufacturing bricks

We manufacture any type of material with clay soils of clay, clay tiles, bricks, rustic brick, clay oven, ceramic tiles, arabian tiles, floors, and all materials of clay:

  • Clay materials for restoration of all kinds.
  • Diseño y fabricación a medida según la necesidad del cliente.
  • Our products are handmade clay and baked in traditional clay ovens, with the advantages that entails respect for the industrial manufacture.
  • We also offer installation and processing of our products.

We have a wide range of clay products, even if none fits your needs is the design and manufacture to measure, you can intervene in the design process.

rustic brick
baked clay
arabe tile
rustic brick
clay solis

We are specialize in clay soils, Arabic tiles, rustic tile, rustic brick, clay ovens and any type of building material made from clay. Our handmade process results in a higher strength and quality.

ceramic kilns
clay ovens
clay tiles
Our clay materials will give a special touch that will make construction different from the everyday and can get beautiful detail through a combination of different elements and geometric shapes.